Thursday, 5 March 2015


In India, one of world’s largest, most populated countries, over 74 million rural households live without power. Children study in harmful smoke, average people spends 5% of their income on lighting fuel, people burns wood for lighting.

A single kerosene wick burns an estimated 80 liters of fuel, producing more than 250 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year. Multiply that across the developing world and kerosene lamps emit 270,000 tons of black carbon annually – equivalent to 240 million metric tons of CO2.

To help people living in villages, I made this solar light bulb for providing a low cost solution by replacing their harmful kerosene lamps. This will empower the world’s poor to replace kerosene with clean solar-powered light. I got inspiration from NOKERO.

I always prefer to make something from used things to recycle it. I made this solar light bulb by using used stuffs and few electronics components. Even you can get the components from your used solar garden lights.

Features:  :

1. One day sun light charge can give light up to 20-22 lumens (about three times the brightness of a kerosene lamp) for the whole night.

2. Can be charged fully in two days bright sun light. You can use the hanger as well as the multipurpose stand for charging. Just hang it on a wire outside or place it at your window.

3. Uses high quality AA NiMh battery which can work at least for 5 years.

4. Uses a high quality solar panel to charge the battery.

5. Automatically switches off in bright light to save charge.

6. The multi-purpose stand is useful for using it as desk lamp as well as for charging.

Uses :

1.Night Lamp

2.Reading Lamp

3. Emegency Light

4.Camping Light

5.Garden Light

For full project see my instructables page 

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  1. Plz giv all components value.
    & whr to buy solar panel of that small size


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